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tic thinks med

- our philosophy that we put into practice every day

Our policy is for tic to be always that bit better than the competition, never to stand still and thus constantly maintain the edge on quality. That is why the promise we make to our customers is that we always act intelligently in the interests of the doctor, the cost bearer and especially the patient.

In developing our medical electrical home therapy systems for the treatment of incontinence, pain, motor problems and impotence one thing in particular is important: a focus on the patient! Our products are easy to understand and operate, make it as easy as possible for the patient to cope with the tasks of everyday life and give him the certainty of receiving optimal treatment.

For you as a doctor we also offer highly innovative urological, urogynaecological and proctological diagnostic systems. We provide you with a customised, powerful diagnostic instrument that features maximum user-friendliness and intuitive control. Easy integration into daily work procedures and the in-house EDP system is absolutely essential.

Extensive service for the doctor and patient, in the form of continuous personal support from our nationwide network of qualified medical device consultants and customer-related product training sessions and familiarisation sessions inspire confidence and ensure our high level of market presence. In future as well we wish to build on the partner relationship with our customers and continue thinking and acting with them in mind – after all, tic thinks med!