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Frequently asked questions...

about our therapy systems BASIC+TENS and BASIC+EMS

SHave you received a prescription for our pain or muscle therapy systems from your attending physician? Or have we already sent you one on behalf of your health insurer?

If so, you will now get answers to frequently asked questions about how to proceed, the scope of supply and how to handle the BASIC+LINE system. Now keep your device at hand in case you need it.

Please simply send us your doctor's prescription by post. The address is as follows:
tic Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Endelner Feld 9
46286 Dorsten

We will then take care of everything else and supply you with the prescribed system without delay. If you are already in possession of a loaned different make of therapy system, please clarify with the relevant company or with your health insurer what is to be done with it.

If we have already supplied you with a BASIC+TENS or BASIC+EMS system, please check the scope of supply indicated in the Instructions for Use. You will find the adhesive electrodes under the grey box insert! Your attending physician should already have informed you about exactly how to position the electrodes; if not, please ask him. For further details about electrode placement please refer to the Instructions for Use (there are application examples in the envelope).

Before putting the therapy system into operation insert the battery supplied in the battery compartment as indicated in the battery compartment on the back of the device. Please make sure the terminals are the right way round! Now plug one or two electrode cables into the sockets at the top of the device. Then connect the connectors at the other end of the electrode cable to the adhesive electrodes. Detach the electrodes from the backing foil and stick the electrodes onto the parts of your body recommended by your doctor.

To ensure good electrode conductivity , clean the areas of skin being treated before therapy in order to remove perspiration, moisture and dirt. The skin must be dry and undamaged. Do not use any ointments or creams before therapy.

Switch the device on by pressing the ON/OFF button at the bottom left. The device starts up in treatment programme 1. Your attending physician will inform you which is the right programme to use for your therapy; otherwise, please refer to the Instructions for Use to find out which programme is most suitable for you. To select a programmeprogramme please hold down the menu button at the bottom right for a few seconds. The programme display at the top left flashes. Now a programme can be selected using the up and down buttons. Confirm your selection by pressing the menu button at the bottom right. Now increase the therapy current. The current should be clearly perceptible but not painful. After a few seconds the set current intensity will be automatically locked. If you reduce the current intensity once, you cancel this safety function and can then increase the current intensity again. Now perform your therapy session and repeat it as often as recommended by your doctor.

After completion of therapy you can return the system to us free of charge. For this purpose please print out the DHL parcel stamp offered under "Return voucher". Please bear in mind that we are NOT able to accept deliveries where postage has not been paid!

Have we been able to help you? If so, we would like to thank you for visiting our website and wish you lots of success in performing therapy with our device! If the information was inadequate, we will also be pleased to answer your questions on the phone!