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General Terms and Conditions of Sale

§ 1 Application; Offers

1. These general terms and conditions of sale (hereinafter referred to as "Conditions") shall apply to all - including future - agreements for sales, deliveries and other services between tic Medizintechnik GmbH & Co. KG (hereinafter referred to as "we" or "us ") and Customers who are entrepreneurs (Sec. 14 BGB (German Civil Code)), a legal entity under public law, or a public separate estate. We will not recognize conflicting or deviating terms and conditions of the Customer, unless we expressly agreed to their application in writing. We hereby object to potential terms and conditions of the Customer in the event that we receive such conditions in a confirmation letter or in other ways, or we perform sales, deliveries or services vis-a-vis the Customer without reservations, or we accept services by the Customer without reservations without objecting to the Customer's terms and conditions again

2. Our offers are non-binding. Agreements, in particular ancillary verbal agreements, acceptances, guarantees, and other assurances by our staff shall only be binding upon our written confirmation. The actual delivery of the ordered goods and provision of services, other behaviors on our end, or silence do not justify any reliance of the Customer on the conclusion of a contract. The written form shall also be deemed adhered to when sending a fax or email.

3. We shall provide our services exclusively in an independent activity and shall not be subject to any instructions form the Customer in the provision of deliveries and services. The Customer will only make specifications regarding the content, scope and manner of the delivery or service provision, insofar as these are necessary for the proper execution of the contract.

4. We may also use third parties for the fulfillment of our tasks. However, we remain responsible for the proper fulfillment of the contractual obligations towards the Customer.

§ 2 Scope of service

1. We owe to the Customer only the provision of those deliveries and services which are explicitly described in our written order confirmation.

2. In addition, we offer to advise the Customer with regard to the services offered by us. In this respect, however, we shall only act as a gesture of goodwill and in a supportive capacity. The Customer remains fully responsible for the correct and complete determination of its needs.

§ 3 Prices; Terms of payment

1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, our prices are calculated ex-factory, excluding packaging, plus statutory sales tax, in the respective amount valid at the time of conclusion of the agreement. Costs for packaging, freight and the transport insurance taken out as a matter of principle shall be borne by the Customer.

2. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, our invoices shall be due for payment 30 days after the invoice date. The payment is to be made in such a manner that the invoiced amount is at our disposal on the due date the latest. The Customer shall be deemed in default at the latest 10 days after the due date of our receivables without a warning being necessary. If the payment deadline is exceeded, at the latest from the time of default, we shall be entitled to charge interest at a rate of 9 percentage points above the base interest rate. We reserve the right to assert further damage caused by default.

3. We reserve the right to change our prices appropriately at our reasonable discretion if price-relevant costs reductions or cost increases occur after conclusion of the contract, in particular due to collective wage agreements or changes in material prices and energy prices. We shall make use of this right in particular if there are more than four months between the original calculation and the date of performance. In the event of cost reductions, e.g. relating to products from third party suppliers, we shall be entitled to reduce prices insofar as these cost reductions are not fully or partially offset by increases in other areas. Price increases, e.g. concerning products of third party suppliers, can only be used by us for a cost increase to the extent that they are not compensated by possible cost reductions in other areas. In exercising our reasonable discretion, we shall select the time of a price change in such a way that cost reductions are not taken into account according to standards that are less favorable for the Customer than cost increases. We shall announce any price change to the Customer in writing in good time before the changed prices take effect. In the event of a subsequent price increase, the Customer may terminate the contract in writing, but only within two weeks of the date on which it received notice of the price increase.

§ 4 Set-off; Retention; Jeopardized claims

1. The Customer shall not be entitled to offset against our claims, unless the counterclaim is undisputed or has been finally adjudicated. Furthermore, the Customer shall not be entitled to retain payments or to suspend any other obligations, unless we have materially violated due obligations from the same contractual relationship despite written warning and have not offered adequate safeguarding. Sec. 215 BGB (German Civil Code) shall not apply. The Customer's warranty rights remain unaffected.

2. Insofar as our payment claim appears to be jeopardized as a result of circumstances occurring after the conclusion of agreement, due to which a substantial deterioration of the financial situation of the Customer must be feared from our perspective, we shall be entitled to immediately demand payment of all open receivables. If the Customer is in arrears with payments, which we deem an endangerment of our receivables, we shall additionally be entitled to take back already delivered goods, to potentially enter the Customer's premises and take away the goods. This shall not apply if the Customer is not at fault for the arrears in payments. The retrieval is not a withdrawal from the agreement. In both cases, we can revoke the direct debit authorization and demand advance payment for outstanding deliveries. The Customer can avert all of these legal consequences by providing collateral security in the amount of our jeopardized claim for payment. We have a claim for usual collateral in terms of nature and extent for our receivables, also insofar as they are conditional or restricted. The statutory provisions regarding payment default remain unaffected.

§ 5 Terms of delivery; Default

1. Terms of delivery and delivery dates shall only apply approximately, unless we expressly denoted them as binding in writing. Binding terms of delivery shall be deemed to begin after the receipt of all documents required for the execution of the order, potential timely material sourcing, and agreed down payments. In all other cases, the agreed terms will begin with the date of our written order confirmation.

2. Should the Customer not fulfill its cooperation or secondary duties in due time, such as, providing documents, making down payments, etc., we shall be entitled to appropriately extend the agreed delivery terms and dates according to the needs of our course of production and irrespective of our rights based on the default of acceptance of the Customer.

3. Delivery terms and dates shall be deemed adhered to if the goods to be delivered have left our premises at the end thereof. If the goods cannot be sent out on time or the Customer fails to timely call them off without any fault on our part, the terms and dates shall be deemed adhered to upon notification on readiness for shipment.

4. Our delivery obligation shall be subject to our suppliers delivering to us correctly and punctually, unless we are at fault for receiving incorrect or late delivery.

5. We shall not be liable for impossibility or delay in delivery or performance of services if such impossibility or delay is caused by force majeure or other events unforeseeable at the time of conclusion of the contract (e.g. operational disruptions of any kind, mobilization, war, riot, strike, traffic accident, natural disasters, sabotage, pandemic, epidemic, quarantine, official or sovereign intervention or similar events) for which we are not responsible. Insofar as such events make it significantly more difficult or impossible for us to deliver or perform and the impediment is not only of temporary duration, we shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract. In the event of hindrances of only temporary duration, the delivery or service deadlines shall be extended or the delivery or service deadlines shall be postponed by the period of the hindrance plus a reasonable restart period. Insofar as the Customer cannot reasonably be expected to accept the delivery or service as a result of the delay, it may withdraw from the affected contract concerned by giving us immediate written notice.

6. In the event that we are in default, the amount of compensation for default damages shall be limited to 1.0 % for each week of delay, at the most to 5 % of the value of the delayed delivery. The Customer is entitled to provide evidence of damage in excess of such amount. We reserve the right to prove that no damage or only significantly smaller damage was incurred.

7. At the end of an adequate grace period determined by the Costumer in writing, which shall be 4 weeks at least, the Customer may insofar terminate the affected contract if the goods have not been sent out or reported ready for shipment by the end of the grace period. The same shall apply if delivery of the goods becomes impossible for reasons which are our responsibility. We will promptly notify the Customer of the occurrence of an unforeseen event and communicate a period of time for supplementary performance.

8. The Customer shall not have any additional rights due to default. Any recourse to other bases of claims, in particular of non-contractual nature, shall be excluded.

§ 6 Reservation of Title

1. All delivered goods shall remain our property until any and all receivables have been settled by the Customer from the business relation, irrespective of the legal ground, including receivables arising in the future or that are conditional (hereinafter referred to as "Reserved Goods").

2. Treatment and processing of the Reserved Goods shall occur for us as manufacturer in terms of Sec. 950 BGB (German Civil Code) without obligating us. The processed goods shall be deemed Reserved Goods within the meaning of Sec. VI/1. In case of processing, compounding and mixing of the Reserved Goods with other goods by the Customer, we shall become a co-owner of the new goods in proportion to the invoice amount of the Reserved Goods to the other goods used. If we cease to be the owner due to compounding or mixing, the Customer shall already assign us the proprietary rights to the new inventory or the goods to which it is entitled in the scope of the invoice amount of the Reserved Goods at this point in time and shall store it for us free of charge and in trust. The co-ownership rights arising herefrom shall be deemed Reserved Goods within the meaning of Sec. VI/1.

3. The Customer may only sell the Reserved Goods in regular business dealings under its usual terms and conditions and only as long as it is not in default. The Customer shall not be entitled to other disposal of the Reserved Goods, in particular a repeated transfer of ownership, pledging, or assignment of our retention rights to third parties.

4. The Customer's receivables from its buyers from the resale of the Reserved Goods shall already be assigned to us in the amount of the invoice amount of the Reserved Goods at this point in time. This shall also apply in the case of a resale after processing within the meaning of Sec. VI/2. We hereby accept the assignments. The assignment in advance shall also extend to all substitutes for the Reserved Goods, e.g. receivables from third parties (insurance, injuring parties) due to loss of or damage to the Reserved Goods.

5. The Customer shall be entitled to collect receivables in trust form the resale until our revocation, which shall be admissible at any time. At our request, the Customer is obligated to immediately notify its buyers of the assignments to us - unless we do so ourselves - and to give us the information and documents required for collection.

6. In the event of an occurred or impending pledging or other impairment of or Reserved Goods by third parties, the Customer is to immediately notify us in writing and to label our property of which we retain the title as such.

7. If the value of existing securities should exceed the secured receivables in total by more than 10 %, then we shall upon written request of the Customer insofar be obligated to release securities at our own choice.

8. Therapy equipment that is provided to insured persons and/or patients for a specific period of time must be returned to us upon request, but no later than at the end of the rental period. We remain owner of this therapy equipment. The return delivery to us may not be made freight collect. A return stamp for free return shipment can be created at https://www.ticmed.de/retour.html or requested from our customer service free of charge.

9. If the above-mentioned rights to retention of title are not valid or enforceable under the law of the territory where the goods are located, the security corresponding to the retention of title in this territory shall be deemed as agreed. The Customer undertakes to take and to collaborate in all required measures which are necessary to substantiate and retain comparable rights or securities.

§ 7 Performing Delivery; Transfer of Risk; Acceptance

1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the delivery of products will be made EXW (Ex works - Incoterms 2020) at our registered office.

2. We are entitled to make partial deliveries insofar as they are reasonable for the Customer.

3. The risk shall pass to the Customer upon delivery (EXW, see Section VII/1). This shall also apply in the case of partial deliveries and also if we have assumed other services, such as installation, assembly, etc. Insofar as acceptance is to take place, the risk shall pass in accordance with the statutory provisions. If the acceptance of the completed service is postponed beyond the date stipulated in the contract or by law at the request of the customer or for reasons for which he is responsible, the risk shall pass to the customer for the period of the postponement.

§ 8 Warranty; Examination and notification duty

1. The goods shall be deemed defective if the Customer proves that they noticeably deviate from the type, amount, and quality agreed in our written order confirmation at the time of the passing of the risk. If there is no such agreement, the defectiveness of the goods shall be assessed in accordance with the DIN and EN standards effective at the time of the conclusion of the agreement, and if such standards are not available, according to customary business practice. References to standards and similar guidelines as well as specifications on quality, types, dimensions, weight, and usability of the goods, specifications in drawings and illustrations, as well as statements in advertising material shall not constitute assurances or guarantees if they are not expressly designated as such in writing. The same shall apply to conformity declarations and associated mark such as CE or GS. Suitability and usage risks fall to the Purchaser alone.

2. Suitability and usage risks are borne solely by the Customer.

3. The existence of deficiency in title shall be determined pursuant to Sec. 435 BGB (German Civil Code).

4. The Customer's warranty right require that it properly fulfilled its duty to examine the goods and notify us of any defects, both under the applicable law and these Conditions. The Customer shall be obligated vis-à-vis us to immediately examine each individual delivery in all respects for noticeable and typical deviations, and to promptly notify us in writing of each determined defect, but at the latest 4 days after delivery. Any defect which is not discovered until later despite thorough examination shall be notified to us immediately, but at the latest 4 days after discovery.

5. Insofar as the goods have a defect for which we are at fault, we shall remedy the defectiveness or provide replacement at our discretion. Where we remedy the defect, we shall be obligated to bear all costs required for the purpose of remedying such defect, in particular transportation, labor, and material costs, insofar as they do not increase due to the goods being delivered to a different destination than the original place of delivery.

6. The Customer is to give us time and opportunity to determine the noted defect and to examine the rejected goods. The rejected goods are to be immediately returned to us upon our request; we shall assume the transportation costs if the notice of defect is justified. If the Customer does not give us time and opportunity to examine the rejected goods or samples thereof despite our request, it shall not be entitled to claim the defectiveness of the goods. An unjustified demand for the remedy of a defect shall entitle us to claim compensation for damages if the Customer could have discovered upon thorough examination that no defect existed.

7. We shall neither be responsible for defects caused by unsuitable or improper use, faulty assembly and/or startup by the Customer or third parties, normal wear and tear, faulty or negligent handling, nor for the consequences of improper changes made without our consent or repair work by the Customer or third parties. The same shall apply to defects which only insignificantly lower the value or the suitability of the goods.

8. There are no additional claims due to defects of the goods. Any recourse to competing bases of claims, in particular of non-contractual nature, shall be excluded.

9. All claims by the Customer due to delivery of deficient goods shall expire one (1) year after the beginning of the statutory limitation period. Claims based on malicious and deliberate violation of the agreement shall remain unaffected. Replacement delivery or rectification shall not result in a new beginning of the statutory limitation period.

§ 9 Liability

1. Except for liability under the Product Liability Law (ProdHaftG), for malicious nondisclosure of a defect, due to a guarantee we assumed for the quality of an item or for damage arising from culpable injury to life, limb, or health, we are only liable to pay damages vis-a-vis the Customer in the case of a breach of duties arising from the agreement concluded with the Customer in accordance with the following provisions without waiving the statutory requirement for such a liability.

2. We are only liable for the culpable breach of material contractual obligations and the grossly negligent or intentional breach of other contractual duties to Customer. Material contractual obligations are such obligations which render, only if fulfilled, the proper execution of the agreement possible in the first place and on the fulfillment of which the Customer relies and may rely regularly.

3. In the event of a breach of significant obligations by simple negligence, our liability shall be limited to the replacement of the foreseeable, typically occurring damage.

4. In the event of a breach of other, i.e. non-material contractual obligations existing vis-a-vis the Customer by simple negligence, our liability shall be excluded.

5. The above limitations of liability shall also apply to breaches of duty by or in favor of persons for whose fault we are responsible in accordance with statutory provisions.

6. A change of the burden of proof to the disadvantage of the Customer is not connected with the above restrictions.

§ 10 Intellectual property rights

With regard to cost estimates, drafts, drawings, and other documents, we reserve the right of ownership and the intellectual property rights; third parties may only be granted access thereto upon our prior written consent. Drawings associated with offers and other documents shall be returned upon request.

§ 11 Place of performance; Place of jurisdiction; Applicable law

1. The parties shall attempt to settle any disputes arising out of or in connection with the legal relationship existing between them promptly in partnership and in good faith through negotiation.

2. If the parties do not succeed in settling disputes that have arisen through negotiation within 30 days after one party has requested the other party in writing to commence negotiations, both parties shall have recourse to the ordinary courts. The courts at our registered office shall have jurisdiction over all disputes arising out of or in connection with the legal relationship existing between the parties. However, we may, at our option, also sue the Customer at his place of jurisdiction.

3. The place of performance for all obligations arising from the contractual relationship with the Purchaser and the place of jurisdiction shall be our legal seat.

4. German law shall apply to all legal relationships between us and the Purchaser, excluding its conflicts of laws provisions and excluding the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).

§ 12 Secrecy

1. Both parties undertake to maintain strict confidentiality with regard to all business and trade secrets of the other party or of the companies affiliated with the other party pursuant to Sec.15 of the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG) that have become known to them or will become known to them as well as information of the other party or of the companies that has been designated as confidential or is to be treated as confidential due to other circumstances, even beyond the end of the contract period until it becomes known, but at least for a period of 3 years after the end of the business relationship.

2. Both parties shall carefully store the business documents handed over to them, protect them from inspection by third parties and return them at the end of this agreement. The assertion of a right of retention is excluded. Both parties shall impose the same obligations on the employees and any third parties.

§ 13 Final Provisions

1. The Customer grants us the right to name him as a reference and in this context to use his company name and logo on our website and in presentations.

2. There are no oral or written ancillary agreements.

3. Amendments and supplements to these Terms and Conditions by individual contractual agreements within the meaning of Section 305b of the German Civil Code (BGB) do not require any form. Otherwise, amendments or supplements must be made in text form.

4. Should any provision of these Conditions be or become invalid in whole or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions. The parties agree already now to replace the invalid provision with a legally permissible provision that comes as close as possible to the economic intention. This shall also apply in the event of an unintended loophole.

5. We are committed to acting lawfully and ethically in our business dealings and expect the same from all our business partners. The Customer confirms that it has taken note of our Compliance Code (www.ticmed.de/compliance) and will comply with it within the scope of our business relationship.


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Diese Plugins erfassen normalerweise standardmäßig Daten von Dir und übermitteln diese an die Server des jeweiligen Anbieters.

Die Plugins erfassen nach Aktivierung auch personenbezogene Daten wie Deine IP-Adresse und senden diese an die Server des jeweiligen Anbieters, wo diese gespeichert werden. Außerdem setzen aktivierte Social Plugins beim Aufruf der betreffenden Webseite ein Cookie mit einer eindeutigen Kennung. Dadurch können die Anbieter auch Profile über Dein Nutzungsverhalten erstellen. Dies geschieht auch dann, wenn Du nicht Mitglied bei dem sozialen Netzwerk des jeweiligen Anbieters bist. Solltest Du Mitglied bei dem sozialen Netzwerk des Anbieters sein und bist Du während Deines Besuchs auf dieser Website bei dem sozialen Netzwerk eingeloggt, können Deine Daten und Informationen über den Besuch auf dieser Webseite mit Deinem Profil auf dem sozialen Netzwerk verknüpft werden. Auf den genauen Umfang der von Dir erhobenen Daten durch den jeweiligen Anbieter haben wir keinen Einfluss. Nähere Informationen über den Umfang, die Art und den Zweck der Datenverarbeitung und über Rechte und Einstellungsmöglichkeiten zum Schutz Deiner Privatsphäre entnimmst Du bitte den Datenschutzhinweisen des jeweiligen Anbieters des sozialen Netzwerks. Diese sind unter den folgenden Adressen abrufbar:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/policy.php
Instagram: https://privacycenter.instagram.com/policy/


Es kann vorkommen, dass innerhalb dieses Onlineangebotes Inhalte Dritter, wie zum Beispiel Videos von YouTube, Kartenmaterial von Google-Maps, RSS-Feeds oder Grafiken von anderen Webseiten eingebunden werden. Dies setzt immer voraus, dass die Anbieter dieser Inhalte (nachfolgend bezeichnet als "Dritt-Anbieter") die IP-Adresse der Nutzer wahrnehmen. Denn ohne die IP-Adresse, könnten sie die Inhalte nicht an den Browser des jeweiligen Nutzers senden. Die IP-Adresse ist damit für die Darstellung dieser Inhalte erforderlich. Wir bemühen uns nur solche Inhalte zu verwenden, deren jeweilige Anbieter die IP-Adresse lediglich zur Auslieferung der Inhalte verwenden. Jedoch haben wir keinen Einfluss darauf, falls die Dritt-Anbieter die IP-Adresse z.B. für statistische Zwecke speichern. Soweit dies uns bekannt ist, klären wir die Nutzer darüber auf.


Wir verwenden das Käufersiegel-Bewertungssystem. Nach Ihrer Bestellung möchten wir Sie bitten, Ihren Kauf bei uns zu bewerten und zu kommentieren. Zu diesem Zweck werden Sie gemäß Ihrer Einwilligung von uns im Rahmen der Vertragsabwicklung angeschrieben, wobei wir uns hierbei des technischen Systems des Anbieters des Käufersiegel-Bewertungstools, der Händlerbund Management AG, Torgauer Straße 233 B, 04347 Leipzig, im Rahmen einer Auftragsdatenverarbeitung bedienen. Ihre E-Mail-Adresse wird dabei nur zu diesem Zweck und insbesondere nicht zu weitergehender Werbung benutzt und auch nicht an sonstige Dritte weitergegeben. Die in diesem Zusammenhang im technischen System des Käufersiegel-Bewertungstools gespeicherten personenbezogenen Daten werden 3 Monate nach der zur Bewertung erfassten Warenlieferung gelöscht.


Für die Kommentarfunktion auf dieser Seite werden neben Ihrem Kommentar auch Angaben zum Zeitpunkt der Erstellung des Kommentars, Ihre E-Mail-Adresse und, wenn Sie nicht anonym posten, der von Ihnen gewählte Nutzername gespeichert.


Unsere Kommentarfunktion speichert die IP-Adressen der Nutzer, die Kommentare verfassen. Da wir Kommentare auf unserer Seite nicht vor der Freischaltung prüfen, benötigen wir diese Daten, um im Falle von Rechtsverletzungen wie Beleidigungen oder Propaganda gegen den Verfasser vorgehen zu können.


Als Nutzer der Seite können Sie nach einer Anmeldung Kommentare abonnieren. Sie erhalten eine Bestätigungsemail, um zu prüfen, ob Sie der Inhaber der angegebenen E-Mail-Adresse sind. Sie können diese Funktion jederzeit über einen Link in den Info-Mails abbestellen.


Eine Weitergabe Ihrer personenbezogenen Daten erfolgt nur dann, wenn der Anbieter hierzu gesetzlich verpflichtet ist oder wenn es im Falle eines Missbrauchs oder der Aufklärung erforderlich ist. Hierzu bedarf es jedoch konkreter Anhaltspunkte für ein rechtswidriges oder missbräuchliches Verhalten. Auf Anordnung der zuständigen Stellen dürfen wir im Einzelfall Auskunft über diese Daten (Bestandsdaten) erteilen, soweit dies für Zwecke der Strafverfolgung, zur Gefahrenabwehr, zur Erfüllung der gesetzlichen Aufgaben der Verfassungsschutzbehörden oder des Militärischen Abschirmdienstes oder zur Durchsetzung der Rechte am geistigen Eigentum erforderlich ist.


Gemäß dem Bundesdatenschutzgesetz haben Sie jederzeit das Recht auf unentgeltliche Auskunft über die von ihm gespeicherten Daten, deren Herkunft und Empfänger und den Zweck der Datenverarbeitung. Sie haben das Recht auf Berichtigung, Sperrung oder Löschung dieser Daten. Senden Sie uns hierzu bitte eine E-Mail an die im Impressum genannte E-Mail Adresse senden und nennen uns die betreffende IP-Adresse, sowie den genauen Zeitraum des Zugriffs auf unser Internetangebot. Die entsprechenden Einträge werden soweit möglich dann aus den Protokolldateien gelöscht. Eine Auskunft kann auf Ihr Verlangen auch elektronisch erteilt werden.

Ferner können Sie Ihre Einwilligung mit Wirkung für die Zukunft gemäß §13 Abs.2 Nr. 4 TMG widerrufen. Ihren Widerruf senden Sie bitte an die im Impressum genannte E-Mail Adresse.

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