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A well-devised overall concept for doctors and patients

Electrical therapy for surgery, orthopaedics and neurology

Treatment with our rehabilitation devices aims to regain motor functions, e.g. following disorders in the musculoskeletal system or to relieve or even eliminate various types of pain. The overarching goal of rehabilitation treatment is to return the patient to their personal and social environment.

Our high-tech visually attractive hand-held units for rehabilitation use types of treatment that have been scientifically approved in medicine for many years. That is particularly Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) - EMG-triggered in some cases - and biofeedback.

How to obtain treatment with our devices - doctor's prescription or purchase

Our home therapy products are approved assistive devices and can be prescribed to patients by their attending physician provided there is an appropriate indication. For the prescription of our pelvic floor/incontinence therapy and impotence therapy systems please consult a urologist, gynaecologist or proctologist. If you are interested in our home therapy rehabilitation devices, the best people to consult are surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons and neurologists, but also general practitioners and sports medicine specialists. The cost of therapy is usually covered by health insurance.

For the private sector, under the SaneoLINE brand, we also offer various end user-friendly electrical stimulation devices for sale which are specially geared to the needs of different target groups.

Functional diagnostics for urology, gynaecology and proctology

For you as a doctor we also offer highly innovative urological, urogynaecological and proctological diagnostic systems. We provide you with a customised, powerful diagnostic instrument that features maximum user-friendliness and intuitive control. Easy integration into daily work procedures and the in-house EDP system is absolutely essential.